Harry Potter Sorcerer's Stone - Game Save File?
  • Hi guys,i am ali.I need help.
    I have a Harry Potter Sorcerer's Stone ps1 game.i think this game is very good.but i have a problem.while i playing this game,on stage %50,game did not do anything.game froze.
    if you have harry potter sorcerer's stone game save file,can you give me save file?
    if its possible,get stage %51.

    note:sorry about my english.because i am a turk.:)
  • anybody there? please answer me
  • One problem is finding the save that would work for your version of the game (the save for the North American version would not work for yours). I do not believe there are very many sites now that are keeping game saves for PSOne games as they have been not making more for at least 4 years now. You may find it easier to erase that save and start over.
  • hmm thanks.I will