Internet issue, can't figure it out
  • Here's my problem.

    I have my computer logged into a website, i turn on my ps3 and it kills the internet on my pc, when I try to refresh the connection on my PC it logs me out on my PS3. I never had this problem before with my Xbox / wii / laptop / and PC all running at the same time, the PS3 is the first and only thing I've had this problem with.

    I have tried connecting the PS3 with wired and Wireless and the same problem happens either way =(
  • Calis, I think you may have a conflict going with IP addresses between your computer and the PS3. I would suggest grabbing the PS3's MAC Address (you'll find it in Settings>System Setting> System Information on the XMB ) then find the correct spot in your router to set up a reserved address for the PS3. Once this is saved edit that address into the PS3's connection set up.
  • thats what i thought so I tried like hell to figure out how to do that, and i couldn't find how to do it on my router. But I also found that the Ip for my PC the last 3 numers are 102 and the PS3 was sitting at 113. Do you still think thats the problem? or could it be something else? do you think my ps3 is faulty :(
  • I saw another person with the same issue apparently, they resolved it by not having their computer on at the same time, sadly that is not an option for me seeing as our laptop just stopped working too! I may need to link you the Model of my Linksys router when I get home so that you can help me find how to assign a constant IP for my PS3. I looked everywhere :(
  • It would not be a faulty PS3. It most likely is a setting tweak that needs to be done in the router, either making sure the addresses are not conflicting or it could also be a conflict with both trying to use the same ports at the same time.
  • Is there anything I can do about them trying to access the same ports at the same time?
  • I now have my PC set to use an IP address out of range of the DHCP address's and its still disconnecting me. I am at a complete loss for anything else to try.
  • No, there is nothing that can be done other than making sure whatever is on the computer that wants the same ports isn't running when you are gaming. Setting the IP address outside of the DHCP range won't help.
  • I've been googling all day and thats all I could find =( I guess I'm just screwed lol
  • Well I spent another few days googling since my last post, I found a few diferent suggested fixes, most of them did nothing. I found 1 that said to go into my router and disable the filtering unknown requests (or something along those lines) and another person who said to disable the Media Server, through the ps3 itself, and I did both of those things after weeks of being unsuccessful, and. . . . . . IT WORKS!! :D I have no idea which of the 2 adjustments actually fixed it but it works now! I am very hesitant to go back and turn one of the 2 back on because it works and thats all I want lol.

    New question =) What is the Media server and what features do I lose from turning it off?
  • It most likely was the media server that was causing the problems. What this does is allow the PS3 to find folders you set up for sharing pictures, music or video on your computer and stream those from the PC to the PS3. If you weren't making use of this then you're losing nothing.