• I have a playstation 2 system and ps1 memory cards. The game I need help with is sled storm for ps1. I have a list of cheat codes that are supposed to be entered as passwords on the load/save screen. They all load & work properly but do not save to the memory card. Is there a way to save them in the memory card or do they have to be manually entered every time I want to play the game?
    Thank you
  • it happens when a games that uses passwords for the cheat codes it wont save the game u will have to enter the codes each time u want to use them or at least that my experience
  • Pass/ cheat codes are never saved as active on any games- you'll have no choice but to enter them in each time.
  • anyone know where I can get other codes for Sled Storm that do not have to entered as passwords? I found a few but they do not seem to work. Thanks