• I really need help with an Oblivion cheat. I've been trying for hours to get the One-Hit Kill glitch to work. I'm using the info I found in the Oblivion cheats on this website. I've done evrything exctly as it says and still no luck.
    This is what I'm using:

    Oblivion ONE-HIT KILL GLITCH Cheat
    To Activate The One-hit Kill Glitch, First, Go To The Sky Temple Or Wherever The Blades Are, And After You Are In The Blades, Get A Full Set Of Blades Armor. If You Are Not A Member Of The Blades, You Cannot Do This! Next, Take Whichever Weapon You Would Like To Make A One Hit Kill Weapon, And Make Sure It Is Fully Repaired. In All, Make Sure Everything Is Repaired, This Includes Full Blades, The Weapon Of Your Choice (it Must Be A Sword, I Used A Katana From The Sky Temple, But You Don
  • It's possible they may have patched this glitch so that it will no longer work.