Jak & Daxter - Lost Frontier - I'm Stuck!
  • Hi

    Just found this site! I've just reach the first boss in this and have run out of ammo. I can't appear to get back any further and get any more.

    Is anyone able to help please!


  • If this is the battle with Uber-Bot 888 you are talking about you need to use the Amplifier.

    The fight with the Uber-Bot takes place in two stages. In the first stage it is
    covered with armour, and so cannot be damaged by regular attacks. You must use
    the Amplifier to hurt it. In this stage it only ha two attacks. It will jump
    and send out a shockwave and it will shoot out a lot of small saw blades. The
    shockwave can be jumped over and the saw blades can be dodged by running
    around. As he is hit more he will start to send out multiple shockwaves. When
    he is jumping his shadow can be seen where he will land. Fire the Amplifier to
    that spot, and then shoot it with the balster as you land from jumping over the
    shockwave. When his armour is off, get ammo and health packs from the boxes and
    follow it down to the next area.

    There it will start swinging its saws at you. Use the Eco Construct to break
    the blades, shooting at it when you get the chance. Once both blades are broken
    the lights on it will change from blue to orange and it will shoot a laser out
    of its chest. Use the Amplifier and it will stick to the laser and explode.
    Dodge its jumps and jump aver the blue laser, again firing when you get the
    chance. As its health decreases it will start firing out two blue lasers. Once
    its health bar is empty hit it once more with the Amplifier and it will
  • Hi - thanks for your reply. Yes, this is the Uber-bot. I have been using the amplifier but have run out of that ammo. So my power just goes down and I die.

    When I press the down button the red flash appears but can do nothing else - it just clicks. On the top right where it says how many you have it says 0/30. It's getting very frustrating!!! :confused:
  • Hi

    I've got exactly the same problem - no ammo left so I can't weaken the Uber-bot. Hasn't anyone else come across this problem? Do I have to start the game again and if so how do I arrive with more ammo for the boss?

    Help appreciated...