• hello everyone. i need help buying an hd tv. i am from karachi, pakistan and have a playstation 3 and i want to buy an hd tv. i was initially planning a 32 inch sony bravia full hd tv but it costs 77000 rs here and 1080i cost is 54000rs which is more affordable. now i need advice if i should buy a 1080i sony bravia or a samsung full hd tv which is cheaper than the full hd bravia. i need a 32 inch tv. plz help me.
  • To be honest, alypak, at 32 inches you are not going to see that big of a difference between the two plus most games are still running at 720 p.

    Myself, I'm using a Samsung tv and have not regretted making the purchase. I think you would be satisfied whichever way you go, however, so pick what you can best afford.