The Sims 2 PS2 clothes
  • I have a cheat for all fashion it works but there is only one fashion item thats still locked it a hat a brain hat i really want to know how to unlock it plz help me plz :(
  • Sorry, zim, but I have found nothing about a "brain hat" for Sims 2.
  • realy but its for the sims 2 ps2 i went to the hats and theres a brain hat but its lock
  • Are you sure there is a brain hat in the sims 2 cause when I look in the hat thing there is no brain hat.
  • Actually you can my brother just said the cheat was o,x,R1,R2. hope this helps and if you are wondering how I just got the answer it was because my brother Jake is right beside me. Hope this helps