saved games help please
  • heya posting this for my son......anybody know how to use other people saved games that are all over the internet,I dont have a clue :confused: thanks xx
  • Well, Ryan, it should be as simple as placing the downloaded save in the Game Saves folder in the Game menu of the system (as long as they aren't put into a .zip file or something). If they are zipped, you'll need to unzip them first then put the file on to a USB thumb drive. Once in place, plug that into the PS3 and you should see the icon for it in the Game Saves folder. Highlight the save and hit triangle, then select Copy. If the save happens to have two folders you may need to go through this twice.I'm going to give a test using some Uncharted 2 saves I found (once I find my USB memory card reader).
  • Ok thanks but a few questions if you dont mind...
    1)can i download the saved game file from my laptop onto a usb and then plug into ps3?
    2)how do i recognise a good file,one that works and do i only download from european links not north america etc
    3)is there an anti virus i need to put on the ps3 as i am scared my son may download any old rubbish from the net and cause his ps3 to malfunction :confused: :confused: :confused:
    thanks xx
  • Yes, you can easily do it that way using your laptop. You would need to use a computer anyway due to the PS3 not having it's own type of winzip program. This would solve the antivirus problem as well if you keep yours up to date on the laptop.

    As for the version of save, you do have to make sure you get the correct one. Saves from the PAL version will not work for the North American version of the game (and vice versa).

    Best way to make sure you get an authentic save is to make sure of the site credentials. Gamefaqs, for example, would be safe as they are owned by the folks that run Gamespot. If you aren't sure about the site, be sure to use your computer's antivirus on it first.

    Quick update- I did try transferring some saves of Uncharted 2 from my computer to the PS3 but for whatever reason they would not be seen by the PS3. To be honest, doing something like this takes away from the fun of the game being able to unlock these things yourself using your own mad skillz. ;) I'll do a bit more digging to figure out what went wrong.
  • any that you would recommend please xx oh and thanks for the last comment,I tell my son the same thing he moans its to hard.Pay 30 odd quid for a game you just wanna cheat yourself through makes loads of sense.....not xx