Spyro:A hero's tail
  • I finally got to the Coastal Realms Realm but I don't know how to defeat it. :(
    Any help would be good.
  • First off, here is a small map i found that may help you find everything in the level:


    As for beating the level, there are a number of tasks:

    4 Dark Gems
    7 Dragon Eggs
    9 Light Gems

    | Destroy all the Dark Gems
    | Access the Cloudy Domain
    | Collect 20 Light Gems
    | Access the Sunken Ruins
    | Activate 1st Water Wheel
    | Activate 2nd Water Wheel
    | Collect Reward
    | Let Blink Explore
    | Save the Turtles
    | Defeat Inteptune
    | Activate Teleporter