connecting to the Playstation Network for Online Gaming
  • hello, i wonder if you can help. is there anything wrong with the new ps3 slimlines getting on to the PSN? or would it be my router stopping me connect to the PSN? i have 100% Signal Strength connected to the internet via a wireless router. it also has a WPA Key. when connecting to the PSN it constantly either doesnt connect or connects with barely playable signal. is there any way of getting this sorted? it does the same thing hardwired too already tried. would i need to open ports, it connects as nat type 2 is that ok? its just so frustrating when all i want it to do is work. any help and a response back to my email address would be much much appreciated.
  • Yes, Stuey, you will need to open certain ports in the router to allow the gaming traffic through. We've listed them in the PS3 Console section in a pinned thread.