Unable to Connect to Wireless After System Update
  • I had my PS3 connected to my existing wireless, but when I did the latest software update (Version 3.15) - it won't connect anymore. I keep getting the "Unable to find IP address" message.

    I've restarted the router, the PS3's MAC address is correct, I have no security (I use MAC address filtering). The PS3 has no problem finding my network at 100% - it just won't connect to it anymore.

    I tried configuring the IP address manually on the PS3, but when I hit that screen there's no way to advance past it.

    Thanks for the help!
  • One suggestion I could make is check for updated firmware for your router. On very rare occasions when something like this happens a firmware update for the router will fix it up.
  • Yeah, my router is all up to date as well. Tried that too.:confused: