Is There A Short Cut?
  • Everytime I type this web add in my browser, I get to sign in right? right!

    Now when I signed in, I get the links of Check new replies, Search APi members area,....... etc.

    Well I want to see the whole Area! so I have to do it the old fashion way. I click the cheats and tips button, then click on the APi members area, then I get to see the whole forum! :lol:

    Now my question is, is there a one click way?

    If there is............ well........ sorry for the inconvinience (spelling?) hehe :P

    I'm sort of a.... old kid in the new block! :unsure:

  • Right now the only way besides doing as you are now is to save the main forum page into your favorites/bookmarks.

    Typing it in each time??Why haven't you saved us as a favorite yet!!? ;) :lol: