Brought PS3, restored settings, it's come back in japanese
  • I recently purchased a ps3, as it was used i went and selected restore settings.
    However, as soon as i did this i realised it was a japanese console.
    Therefore tried to cancel, but the ps3 suddenly changed to japanese and came up with some selections.
    I presssed the enter button twice to agree to whatever it was saying (stupidly probably)
    and it has appeared with a black loading screen (no percentage to show if it is though) and some japanese text.

    Does anyone know what the ps3 is doing?
    It has been this way for about 30 minutes now and shows no sign of changing.
  • Try turning the PS3 off (hold down the Home button and hit X for the top item then X again). Once that is done try turning it on again. If you are able to get to the main XMB head to the Settings menu and down to System Settings (symbol with a cube and a small wrench icon with it). The second item in here is System Language- you should be able to find English in here (third from the top of that menu).