Slow PS3 Downloads
  • I recently got a 250 GB PlayStation 3 slim. The only thing im disappointed is the slow Ps3 downloads. It takes like 30 minutes to download a 35 mb file while my computer can do it in seconds. Is there any way to boost this speed? If it helps i use a wireless connection because my ps3 is too far to connect thru wires.
  • You may want to doublecheck that the port forwarding is all in place on the router. We have all the ports needed listed in the pinned thread at the top of this section.

    To be honest, though, there may be nothing that can be done. From past experience it seems to be a possible limit set by Sony to ensure as much access as possible for the more popular downloads.
  • Port Forwarding? Does that mean i have to find the port on my router and place that into my ps3?
  • What it means is opening specific ports in the router to better allow the PSN traffic through. You won't need to change anything on the PS3 itself. Like I mentioned before, we have all of the ports needed for PSN listed in the pinned thread at the top of this section. That thread also has a site link with the how-to for just about every router in use today.
  • Ok, thanks very much :)