Lord Of The Rings.
  • hi...i am here to ask...that is lord of the rings 2 towers and fellowship of the ring multiplayer... i mean 2 player..? if it is... then how do we do it..??? i have the chinese or whatever version but its not englsih version of the 2 towers.. and the english version of fellowship of the ring...
  • I don't think either of them is multi-player. The Fellowship is an adventure type game and I don't see how multi-player could be incorporated, Two Towers i'm not so sure of, but I think it's single player only. Someone else should be able to confirm that for you. :)
  • Yup Killa, your dead on, both games are single player only, sorry to say Wasif. Too bad they didn't incorperate a two player mode into the two towers, that'd be fun eh?

    Later all
  • hi...
    well i saw somewhere...maybe i saw it on the t.v... well maybe.. not...huff... it would have been really fun... any other really good 2 player game...with story...or just co-operate mode... which is really fun...