• is it true the ps3 is the bad one
    and the 360 is the good one
    i dont wanna buy a 360 just to play that game and because it looks better on the 360 a multiplayer game that sucks you know the ps3 has way better graphics just developers dont know how to use the ps3

    you think that in the near future the gaming company are gonna be making movies and games
  • The bits of difference on the PS3 version of the game are not enough to bring it down to unplayable and it's just plain stupid to buy a system only for one game.

    Even with the differences the PS3 version is still getting very respectable scores from various reviewers (an average of 87%) which is very close to the 360's version at 91% on average. Hardly enough to warrant ablowing a couple hundred bucks on a new system.
  • so people might say that the xbox has a better library on 2010 all the good games are exclusive to the ps3
    im not gonna by an xbox just because it looks better on that console i like my ps3 games i really dont care about the xbox that much
  • Forget what "other people" will say- it's just their opinion, not necessarily fact. You know for yourself your own preferences, go with that.