• I have an issue with our Ps3. I have a weak signal and keep getting kicked off. My ps3 is hookes directly into my modem, but was connected wireless. We baught a bluetooth headset (Playstation one)and the signal went down to 1 bar (in yellow)we de-installed the bluetooth and it went back up but only to 3 bars. I should be getting a full signal being directly connected to the hub (netgear)Please help Zombies are getting away.
  • If you are hooked up with a wired connection now directly to the modem then you can ignore the wi-fi level altogether. Delete the internet connection settings you have now then re-do them completely as a wired connection to match up with how you are hooked up.

    I would also suggest losing the hub as this can be draining connection speed away (hubs divide up among however many devices are connected, unlike routers).