wireless and wired problem
  • ok, i got this ps3 slim yesterday and i tried the wireless connection and i did it and it said

    ip address: succeeded
    internet connection: succeeded
    playstation network: failed

    what does this mean?

    ok, this time i tried the wired connection and i tested it and everything i have playstation network and all but i cant find a game online on any of my games like call of duty: modern warfare 2 and resistance 2...is there any way u can help me?
  • Simple matter of port forwarding, blud. Check out the pinned thread in the PS3 Console section.
  • what is the pinned thread?
  • Go into the PS3 Console section of our forums here, blud. You'll see a thread at the very top of the forums called "getting Your PS3 Online- Some Tips". We have this "pinned" to the top of the forum so that it will always stay there. We have details on port forwarding in there.
  • ok i clicked on playstation 3 at the top...but i couldnt find a forum called "getting ur ps3 online-some tips".
  • It's in the PS3 Hardware And Accessory Help portion of the forum. You'll see it at the very top of that section.
  • was that link suppose to take me back to the home page?
  • The link takes you into our Playstation 3 Console and Accessory section of the forums. The thread I am talking about is the very first one there.
  • i was wondering do u have any other suggestions?
  • For the moment, no. Give the port forwarding a try (it's much easier than you may think) and see how it goes.
  • well i didnt really understand what i was suppose to do so i just tried restarting the router
  • The port nmbers listed in that thread are the ones that need to be open for the gaming traffic to go through. The page we link to in there guide to the right spot to add those ports for just about every router made. When you go to that site click on the model number of your router, this brings up a huge list of various things (computer games, applications, etc.) Click on PlayStation Network in that list then fllow the instructions they give.

    If you are still unsure have someone that is a bit more comfortable with tweaking things in the router handle things.
  • well restarting my router seemed to work im online now for call of duty and resistance but the connection is crappy
  • Which, as I have repeatedly said, should be improved following doing the port forwarding.