• Sorry, I am very dumb about PS's and I'm buying a gift, what is the advantage of a PS 3 vs PS 2, Also how long should the consoles last
  • With proper care the console should last for at least 5 years and hopefully through the entire life of the support for that console.

    The advantages of the PS2 are it's less expensive and it has a large library of games plus it can play PSOne games. The cons are there are not as many newer games being made for it other than some PSP ports and licensed crap from various cartoons. It also still relies on the memory cards (sold separately) for storing game progress.

    The advantage of the PS3 is the controllers are wireless by default, many games to choose from, doubles as a blu-ray movie disc player (still plays DVDs too) plus with a broadband connection you can purchase more add-ons and games from the PlayStation Store. Game progress is automatically saved to the built in hard drive so no looking for memory cards. The few cons are more expensive and doesn't have backward compatibility any more with the PS2 library.