Qoute I Just Had To Put ;)
  • As you ell know that the US had been attacking Iraq for the good of Iraq. I support the US 100% Im also from the us too:). Just about an our ago we took over the center of baghdad and saddams home his personal palace. So so far we have taken more than half his country half is main city, his home and to add to the humiliatian a soldier from the third infantry divionson said this on fox news with Greg Kelly. " We have taken over the presidential palace in baghdad and we have been scouting his home and it is completely marble with gold faciets etc... ill just say this for the first time in half a month Im going to take a nice hot shower right in saddams personal bathroom!" God i laughed so hard at Saddams imbarresment. Down with Saddam go America!!:)
  • Taking a shower in the head Saddam-ites bathroom? Man, that guy has no fear of chemical or biological agents, does he? :D
  • Yeah, I can just imagine it. Saddam Hussein having Biological or Chemical Agents in his bathroom, he has very weird practices :blink: . MMm, marble and gold faucets, thats gotta be sweet, if you were living in your home and didn't have war waged against you.

    Go America, *clears throat*, what about the others? Your missing out the best country there. ;)
    I support all the countries 100% on the coalition. But I have a question, why did America NOT want the Australian Brigadier to talk to Australian newscrewmen? (i support him that he did talk to the Aussie newscasters and opposed the American imposed thingie majig. Okay not the right word(s), but you know what i mean)

    I love the quote. It is funny, very funny, and who can blame him.
    I love the picture, sweet. Thats a keeper.
  • Heres a photo i also had to put of Americans cruisin in Saddams Bedroom :)

    (oh sorry for not mentioning Europe and Austrailia and all others in my previous post)

    youll see three photos the one on the right is what im talking about

    Right Here
  • Hmmm, wonder what the acustics are like in that bathroom? Good for the occasional tune ya reckon? Ya know what have been funny... seeing two dozen marines run in on Saddam in the nuddie in his bathroom! LOL! "Dont shoot, my weapon is not loaded" - ill leave that one to your imagination! - :blink: