PS3 Can not connect to the Internet now
  • Hello...
    I have a new PS3 Slim, it has been working perfectly on the Internet and PSN since Christmas. The Router i am using is an SMC Barricade N and i have opened the ports in it to get my NAT from a 3 to a 2. Recently we took out a few switches/hubs and things to free up Bit rate and all of the sudden the PS3 will not connect to the Internet. I have tried to go wireless-as i am wired in- and it still wont work. My computer is connected to the very same router so we know the Internet is working.

  • The error code is 80710092.....grrrr
  • Guys, i had an IP confliction with my brother in laws PS3 who had just been applied to my router. I changed the static ip and it works like a charm. Perhaps try changing your static ip on the router and ps3 for the cure to your woes
  • Glad to see you managed to get things sorted without my help, speedr. Most times it is a simple adjustment or two in the router settings that is needed to get things up and running. B)