ps3 blue ray drive
  • Is a Firmware Update Killing PS3 Blu-Ray Drives?
    This lengthy thread at the Playstation forums suggests that some combination of the 3.10 firmware and Modern Warfare 2 is killing PS3 Blu-ray drives. Maybe it's true, or maybe they're all just drinking the kool-aid.

    Forum members have reportedly pinpointed several reproducible freezes in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 which they claim began only after installing the 3.10 firmware (the most recent release is 3.15). After experiencing this freezing, many members reported problems in other games, leading them to conclude that the firmware update adversely affected their Blu-ray drives.
    have you heard of anyone having any problems
    is it with the new modern warfare update
    i being playing online with my fat 40gb no problems alot on modern warfare
    maybe im lucky
    hey can i add you on my psn