PlayStation Network Failed
  • Hi,

    Have 2 PS3s at home, both were working fine until about a week ago. My son tried to log on to play COD and he wasn't able to get on. He can still go on the internet via the PS3 but is unable to connect to the Playstation Network. Have don internet connection test.

    obtain IP Address - succeeded
    Internet connection - succeeded
    Playstation Network - Failed

    This happens to both PS3 which suggests a problem with the router. Have tried a new router but still doesn't connect.

  • You will also need to set up some port forwarding on the router, Karen. Have a look in our PlayStation 3 Hardware and Accessory Help section of the forum (about halfway up the page from Customer Service here). We have a thread pinned in there that lists the ports needed as well as links to a site that guides on how these get applied to your router.