3 ps3's, 1 router.
  • can anyone here walk me though how I would be able to hook up all 3 to be online without getting kicked off when l try to go on with more then 1 console? I did a bit of searching but found nothing. if this has been discussed before could you please give me the link. I have a linksys wrt54gs router. Everything with that is good other then the fact that I can't go online with more then 1 system at a time.:eek:
  • Not much you are going to be able to do, Doug. Only one PS3 can use the required ports at a time so the other two would get blocked out. The only possible solution would be hooking the other two up with direct modem connections (which would most likely be charged extra by your internet provider).
  • I got it lyndon. I posted a how 2 on AGL. If it's ok with you I will post it here to.:D
  • Guess I stand corrected (far from the first time on that). By all means, post it in.