UC dorm wired connection works with laptop and xbox360 but not ps3
  • Hi my dorm's internet connection works with both my laptop and my xbox 360 but not my ps3. I contacted my IT help desk and they said that for any game console on campus they have set it up so it is just plug and play. So I called playstation services and they walked me through and did everything the could, even did a system reboot and an open DNS. Still no success. I called my IT help desk back and they said no one else has had problems concerning the ps3 and that if they did it was solved by the system clear then plugging and playing.

    So now for the details. When I simply plug and try to connect i get ip address timed out. Now i can check the dns, ip, and gateway from my laptop when its connected so i manually put those in and i get ip address succeded internet connection failed and the DNS error shows. Im confused as to why the laptop and xbox work but not the ps3 is there something i maybe doing wrong here. The wired connection is to a jack in the wall. And a month ago the wired connection worked fine with everything including this exact ps3 slim. Please any suggestions will be greatly appreciated

    PS the service also lead me to update my system fully so it is now a 3.15
  • Get back to your It guys and make sure of the DNS server numbers, default gateway and subnet mask the network uses- these should match up exactly in the PS3 settings. It may come down to wiping out your PS3's network settings, reboot it and re-do. Doublecheck you have the media server off in the network connections as well.
  • Yes this is what i did when i called playstation help line they went through the re-boot and made sure the media server was disabled and they even gave me the open DNS number but it still didn't work. They said the gateway server sounded wrong for the ip address i got from the compture. Its possible the numbers they gave me were wrong. Last time I called IT i asked for the direct numbers from them instead of getting them from my computer, they told me i didn't need to know them and that i should be able to just plug it in the system and it would connect right away. When i log on my computer i need my log in info and password so i tried to go to the browser to see if i needed to do this but i couldn't get it to show at all. My main thing is if i can figure out why the xbox can connect and not the ps3 i can tell the it guys and they could help better.

    Here is the info from my computer for the connection
    ip address:
    default gateway:
    Primary DNS:
    Secondary DNS:
  • The PS3 can sometimes be a finicky beast when it comes to the connection settings. For the moment all I can suggest is check with the school IT guys to make sure those are the correct numbers and, if they are, try giving the PS3 another restart.

    Can't say for sure why the PS3 seems more difficult sometimes to get connected other than Sony needs to get the process more streamlined/ automatic.
  • I'll see what i can do. over they phone they won't give me anything so I'll head to the actually center tomorrow. Thanks for your suggestions