IS anyone else having problems with the MAG Beta?
  • Hello people, Rickslamu2 here And this is my first post. I orignally joined to take your advise on how to solve my ps3 online issues. worked well. Well i have another issue. For the fast few days i have been having a lot of fun with the MAG beta i downloaded from PSN. Then the past 2 days it has all went to CRUD. The onl thig that comes up when i start it up is the load screen and then the error message And i Quote, " _UL_launcher_np_auth_fail" And thats all. Anyone ever heard of this?
  • The reason you are getting that message is the beta is now over. It ended on Friday past, I believe. The full game is coming out on January 26 so just a bit over a week to go to get the full experience.