• just got NHL10 along with a new PS3, my problem is so weird..

    Everything works fine, playnow, playoff mode etc...

    SEASON MODE, the "play next game" is shaded gray (cant choose "play next game)..

    I dont get it, I choose my team, edit lines etc and when it comes down to starting the season I cant do it,,, I can go into calender, GM options I can even sim the games,,, I just cant play...

    Again I can pick a team and play in playoff mode or play now mode, season mode its a mystery..

    PS3 connected to internet yesterday, updated my version, popped in NHL10, updated that,, still cant play in season mode..
  • on 08 I have to go through every day. see if somewhere on your calender it says "sim to next game" or "sim to next day"