Wired Connection Issue
  • I am having an issue with a wired connection. I am able to establish a wireless connection but have found that interruption are becoming an issue. I have tried to set up the wired connection multiple times and keep am not able to establish an IP address during the connection test. Any help would be appreciated.
  • Have you tried using another eathernet cable. You could have a bad cable and that would do what is happening to you.
  • I am having the same issue with my system, wether its wired or wire less. I am playing call of duty 2 moder war 2 and i start playing with no issues and then into the game there is an error and it kicks me out and it says server error and kicks me out of game. I can go on line with ps3 and watch netflix movies with no problems, but I keep losing connection while i am playing, and thats not fun at all.
  • what is your internet speed? Are you wired or wireless now? What kind of router do you have ? If you are wireless now what is your signal strength?