media server conection error
  • Hi newbie here.
    I have tried to connect my ps3 to my pc to act as a media server using tversity.
    my pc is connected to my o2 router via Ethernet and the ps3 is wireless.
    I have a laptop and that connects ok via wireless through the router.
    both the pc and laptop runs kaspersky security setup the same. have tried with it switch off.

    the pc does not see the ps3 or the other way.
    I have tried to setup the gaming application on the router but dont know the settings.

    The ps3 does pick up Azureus on the pc as if it was a media server.

    Any ideas
  • You need to select the specific folders (where your music/ videos/ pics are stored) to be the shareable ones. Once you have this done you may need to have the appropriate programs running on the PC as well such as Windows Media Player 11.

    Once this is done you should be able to find and play your compatible files with no problems when you have the Media Server option turned on in the PS3's Network Settings.