Ps2 Is Failing Me Again
  • Hey come someone help me? PS2 will only games it feels like playing I have clean and call around no help. I have a couple of DVD's it won't play period. I brought two or more copies of movies to prove a point. My finacee is just to through with the PS2. He won't wasted another monment on it. HELP ME PLEASE I WORDSHIP MY PS2. :angry: :angry: :angry: :huh:
  • Is it just DVDs that it has trouble playing? Is it the PS2 games that are on DVD as well? How about the PS2 games with blue bottoms to them? Do they play? Try playing cds and/or PS1 games in the PS2 and if they play fine without hitch then it sounds like the DVD laser is messing up. How long have you had your PS2? If within 3 months then exchange at the store you bought it at. If within a year exchange it with Sony. If you bought warranty then it's with in the first 2 years of buying the system and you should be able to get it replaced by the store in that time. If none of this applies to you then call Sony up and tell them that you keep getting Disk Read errors with your games and they'll have to fix the problem for free......because of their little glitch that they launched many of their PS2s with. Hopefully this was of some help to you but it definitely would sound like a DVD lense/laser problem. Well, i hope that you enjoy posting and have fun gaming.