I cant connect to ps3 network for some reason!!!!
  • Basically my ps3 is acting stupid. when i do a connection test the ps3 network fails but the internet connection is successful. i can connect to the internet from my laptop and ps3 but i cant connect to the ps3 network, can someone help please!!!!!!!

    (P.S what does connection time out mean?)
  • You may want to do some port forwarding, huskie. Check out the pinned thread at the top of this section.
  • Thanks for replying mate. Can you talk me through that port thing and i couldnt find the pinned thread.

    Just to clear things up when i do a connection test the results are:-
    Obtain IP Address = Succeeded
    Internet connect = Succeeded
    Playsation Network = fail
  • It's the very first thread in this section, Huskie- just a couple up from this one.
  • Dude i know this may sound funny but i still couldnt find the pinnned thread. Can u talk me through it please i need to connect to my ps3, help me!!
  • You'll be kicking yourself about this as it was just a mere 3 threads up from this one in this section. Here's a link to it.
  • hey i did port forwarding it still didnt work. :( anything else?
  • I have found 3 common reasons for your problem. #1, your router is set to strict instead of NAT 2. This seems to be a very common thing with belkin routers but I don't know your router make #2, you are entering the wrong email or password for the account. #3, and I am not saying this is what you done but if you have been caught glitching or anything else deemed inappropriate by sony you may have been shut down.