Assassins Creed 2 HELP
  • This is more technical problem but I hope somebody can help me or give advice. I bought Assassin
  • Wenny, try deleting the system date for the game in the PS3's Game Data folder then let the PS3 install things again. It's possible the update may not have quite downloaded correctly the first time.
  • Well, I re-installed the game and the patch also but it didn
  • what kind of cable do you have your ps3 hooked to your tv with.? Composite (yellow, red, white) s -video, Component (blue, green, red, red, white) or HDMI?
  • Well, I had it hooked with HDMI and I tried composite s-video also, but the problem still remains.
  • Is that the only game you are having an issue with? most stores will let you take the game back as long as you trade it for the exact game. If you are sure it's the disk then you might want to try exchanging it.