• Heres something funny, what do you think Saddam hussein would say if two dozen marines rushed into one of his palaces to find him in the shower/bathtub - in the nude? Hmmmmmm?

    "Freeze or ill splash you!" <_<<br />
    Can yoy guys/girls think of any?
  • Hey you! Corporal with the big shoulders and the bright eyes, why don't you get in here and scrub my back? Once you go Iraqi, you won't go backy..... :blink:
  • "Say hello to my little friend" and whipes some foam away from the middle of the tub. :lol:
  • "Stay there, or I'll spray you. And I'm not talking about the water :o "

  • Oh Jeeeeeeez, talk about getting caught 'with your pants down'!!! :D
    (or, down around his ankles, if he were caught 'having a seat'!! ;) )
    "**Grunt**, as soon **grrrrrrunt** as I'm done here **ggrruuhhh**--hand me the toilet paper please?-- I'm gonna make you sorry you **moan** I was ever born!!" :lol:
  • What would happen if he lost a leg in that bombing? How pi$$ed do you think his doubles are gonna be? :D
  • Could someone please pass me my robe and my fuzzy bunny slippers


    oops dropped the soap again
  • cue the porno music.
  • "Come on in, we'll play water polo. You can be the pony. That is, if you don't mind halitosis that makes chrome peel and dingleberries the size of peas.....