please help me with my master thesis
  • Dear Playstation lovers,

    i am an italian student in bocconi university in Milano doing my master thesis in international management on ONLINE COMMUNITIES.

    if you click on the link below you will be direct on a survey for my thesis:

    Online unofficial Brand community Survey

    Please, help me to graduate!

    i really appreciate your help

    fon any question: [email][/email]

    All the best
  • please help me is really important
  • I've filled out the survey and I do encourage others to do the same. B)
  • nothing but the best of luck to you Roberto!
  • I am a graduate student myself, so I was pleased to help.

    Good luck buddy!
  • All completed, good luck with the thesis.
  • hey guy u were really nice ..

    i am happy u understand what does it means doing this kind of work..

    thanks to the staff too , i hope to gather loooots of answers.. at the end i will post the result for who is interested ..

    all the best

  • thesis its an hard work :(
  • i have one week left .. please help me
  • I've gone ahead and completed the survey for you as well Roberto. Good luck with your thesis. It's probably a ridiculous amount of work for now...but just think: It'll pay off in the end.:)