• Basically since begining bowhunting about 19 months ago I have picked up quite a few jokes from people, check these out! ( some of th

    What Direction ?

    While preparing for a hunting trip two of my freids were going over the things
    they might need. Since the area they were to hunt was flat, The fella asked if they had a
    compus ? Her reply was, We have one but the kids broke it, it always points

    Knowing your Deer...

    This is a true story. One of the most dedicated hunters in our club also lives adjacent to the club lands. One Sunday morning he was driving his wife to church when a trophy 12 point burst through the brush and stopped on the road in front of their truck. The deer appeared to stare dead into the eyes of this fellow for a moment, then proceeded to cross the road and enter the woods again. His wife turned to him and said "Honey, do you know ALL the deer in these woods?"

    Ugly'em to death !

    One morning two fellows got together to do some duck hunting,when one hunter
    realised his buddy didn't have a gun. "How you gonna kill any ducks without a gun"
    he asked? I'm gonna ugly'em to death! "Ugly'em to death how do you do that" his buddy asked?
    I'll show you he said and just then some ducks flew over the blind, the hunter looked
    up to the sky and made an awful looking face...out of the sky fell two ducks deader than a
    doornail without a scratch on em. "Wow his buddy said thats fantastic can I try it?"
    "Sure " the other hunter said. Minutes later some more ducks flew over.The second hunter
    looked up and made his ugliest face...another duck came falling to the ground
    without a scratch. I can't believe this the hunter said this is great..we should bring
    our wifes next time. Oh no the first hunter said they tear'em up to bad!


    Three guys die and go to heaven. St Peter explains that getting in depends on if you fully used the gifts that GOD gave you. St Peter looks in a book and tells the first guy "you have an IQ of 150. Did you get your Doctorate? The guy says yes and is waved on in. St. Peter looks at the book again and tells the second guy "You were given an IQ of 120. Did you get your Bachelors?" The guy says yes and is ushered in. St.Peter looks in the book again and shudders. He double checks and then tells the last guy "You had an IQ of 12. Did you get your deer?"
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