• Hello fellow readers and cheaters.

    I am big style stuck on splinter cell (not the demo). Does anyone know any cheats that give you like all the weapons. If you have splinter cell you should know what i mean.

    All help appreciated.
    Big Man
  • Big Man

    i am most of the way thru this game - no cheats that i know of but if you tell me your problem then i will try to assist you some how.

  • There are no cheats for Splinter Cell, however, I can provide a little help with the keypad codes (I reckon they can be pretty tough, they got me stuck :P)

    Keypad Codes
    Mission 1 - Police Station
    Keypad 1: 091772
    Keypad 2: 5929

    Mission 4 - CIA HQ
    Keypad 1: 7687
    Keypad 2: 110598
    Keypad 3: 2019
    Keypad 4: 110700
    Keypad 5: 0614 (if Dougherty gets through the door before you can)

    Mission 5 - Kalinatek
    Keypad 1: 97531
    Keypad 2: 33575
    Keypad 3: 1250

    Mission 8 - Chinese Embassy, Part II
    Keypad 1: 1436
    Keypad 2: 9753
    Keypad 3: 1456
    Keypad 4: 1834
    Keypad 5: 7921

    Mission 9 - Presidential Palace
    Keypad 1: 2126
    Keypad 2: 70021
    Keypad 3: 66768
  • Rory,

    I am stuck on the start of the second mission where you have to rappell down the wall and go into that room and kill the gaurd.

    All help appreciated. Big Man.
  • well i fugure you have the rapelling from the small chimney figured out ;)

    jump of the rope and crouch down once you enter the room - get the gun up just in case.

    the guard will walk into the aisle next to you so let him have it!

    then be cautious when heading toward the door - there is a white camera - so shoot it.

    into the next hall then there is a door with a guard walking up and down - wait until he turns at the door then crouch walk down the corridor behind him - there is a door on the left about half way down - go in there and then shoot out the camera on the way down the stairs into the garage - once you get there its a save point!

    good luck :)