MLB 09 The Show Not Working For My PS3
  • Good Day I recently just purchased my first PS3 syestem. I'am a die hard MLB 09 The Show fan. I purchased a copy of this game for my PS3 syestem. I have not been able to play this game in any mode, as when i do the game shuts off and the PS3 syestem resets itself. I tryed having my syestem worked on at a local gaming store and even purchased another copy of MLB 09 The Show and supprise im still having the same issue. I love playing this game. I had several problems with this version for PS2. is there anything i can try to finally get to play this game? PLEASE HELP!!!
  • Only thing I can suggest is go into the Game data folder of the PS3's Game menu and delete the data found there for MLB 09 then let the game re-install.
  • I would try deleting all game/save data and try reinstalling the game. I have it on mine and have absolutely no issues whatsoever.

    Is your PS3 playing other games ok......??