Experts needed!, can't login to ps network, strange problem
  • Hope someone can help, I have no idea what to do next,

    I have been using my ps3 online for over a year, I had it hooked up directly to the internet via Ethernet cable for months. I had a room mate move in with a laptop. So she bought a linksys cisco wireless router. Some tech guy from future shop set it up. I just plugged the ps3 into one of the ports on the back of the wireless router (no point going wireless). And it always worked fine.

    Today the wireless router is now gone and I am back to direct connection just like I used forever. I can no longer sign into the network, it says

    "a connection to the network could not be established, go to [setting] >[network setting] and check your settings."

    So i do, I try to do the internet test.

    obtain IP adress- failed
    "the attempt to obtain an IP adress timed out"

    I was using the system online earlier today! Only thing that has changed is going from being wired on the back of the router to being wired directly. I never had to change anything when I went from wired to being wired to the router, now I have switch back and something is wrong.

    (When I plug the ethernet cable into the ps3 the port lights up like always.)

    Help, this is very frustrating.