Atlantis the lost empire
  • I need someone, anyone to tell me how to get through the secret swim level of Atlantis the lost empire playstation game.
  • I'll move this to where it will more likely get an answer.
  • I have the same question as above about the secret swim stage in Atlantis. I don't know if theres something I should do by the octopus. If I keep swimming I drown.
    Can anyone Help? I'm sick of drowning hehe

    Well now I'm really mad. I phoned the sony help 900# on the cd (which costs 95 cents a minute) and the first time it hung up on me after a few minutes. The second time all it said was swim past the octopus until you reach the surface. Duh-oh there is NO surface and you drown.
    That's the last time I'll call there.


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