Ever Met Someone Ya Hate
  • well ill start it off

    well ther was this fat @$$ kid who used to live next door

    he was getting in escalade for his first car after runing my life there

    here is what i think of'em

    hello fat head mind if i check yo microscopic brain oh wait i forgot your I.Q test so i do he askes what he got i looked at the page it said ''numbers do not go that low''

    thats what i wish would happen now

    now who ever feels go ahead
  • dude noone like me ??????? whahahahahahahahahaaaaaa :( :( :(
  • I don't dislike you breathoffire :) .
    I don't know you etc, probably due to you not being around on the Forums much? Please correct me if I'm wrong. :unsure:
    But you seem ok????

    As for meeting anyone myself, whom I "Hated"? Well yes, sure theres been the odd one. But I normally avoid these people, if at all possible!!! <_<
  • I like you too!!!!!

    The only reason I didn't reply to this thread before is that I didn't really know what to say. I guess I'll just say that there really isn't anyone whom I've met and "hated" right off the bat, but there have been some people who have 'rubbed me the wrong way'..... not too many though. Someone at work recently told me "Jeeeez Susan, isn't there anyone that you don't like?!", and that about sums me up! :D

    You're just fine as frog's hair breathoffire4, and don't let anyone tell you any differently!! B)
  • well thankx guys i needed that much and it is hard to dislike someone but this one pushed me down bad & bid ur right im not that bad of a guy eventhough i have a devil as an av im still pretty nice and thax again both of ya for ur lift of confidence and i was gone cus i was moving and still am moving thats why im usening
    my dads friends lap top and its slow as heck !!!!