Guess What? Splinter Cell Again!
  • :blink: Is there a game guru out there that knows any cheats for splinter cell ps2 (not the demo) because i am running out of bullets. I am on the second mission where you have to rappel through the window, kill the gaurd, shoot the camera ect. ect..

    All help appreciated....

    Regards Big man...... :~)
  • Sorry, but the only cheat I could find was for the PC - it suggested pressing F2 and typing "ammo", but this'll be a bit difficult on the PS2 :lol:

    I haven't played the game, but from other people's opinion, this really is a game that should be played with the minimum amount of kills. I did find the following for you which might help:

    If you do not have ammunition and you find two guards, sneak up to one and take him hostage. Make sure that your hostage is facing the other guard or he will shoot you.

    If you do not have ammunition, hide in the shadows and wait for a guard to come up to you (or slowly creep up to him) then press R1 to punch him. Use two punches to knock out someone.

    If you need to knock out many guards without killing them, look around for a water puddle. Try to lure them into it, then shoot a Sticky Shocker into the water. This will knock many of them out. This works with any body of water, including the sewers in the Chinese Embassy level.

    BTW, could I just point you to the forum rules of use? This is the third new thread you've opened asking the same question. A word of warning because otherwise the mods come down on you like a ton of bricks - if you don't get an answer, it's because nobody knows and that means you have to keep looking yourself. Best of luck! :D