Media sharing on ps3
  • Hi Guys

    I am a newbie on here so i firstly am sorry if this has been asked before,

    I have set up my PS3 and folders so that it can play my media files and have created a folder called PS3 play list in WM11 the PS3 sees the folder but when you open it on the PS3 it says it is empty ,But when i look at it on by PC it has the music in the folder ,I have checked all the sharing etc and it seems to be done right i think,Is it something i have done wrong or can someone point me in the right direction to set it up

    Look forward to your replies

  • What format are the music files in? Maybe being in some form the PS3 doesn't recognize is why it doesn't see them.
  • when you go to the folder instead of opening it press the triangle button. It may give you the display all option. If it does select display all. If that doesn't work let us know