Blue ray freezing after 10 min. no error codes
  • PLEASE HELP I am Newbe with a old July 2007 CECHEO1, I just purchased, nervous, just learning this console, Plays PS2 but freezes in PS3 games after about ten minutes and has no codes come up, were will error codes show up, should I try restore file system, any help correcting and understanding my PS3 is much appreciated, console arrived in box full of peanuts :o with no wrapping or bag, 15 min. pulling tiny busted up styrofoam pieces out of every orrifice, it did spew out some via fan in the beginning,
  • before you try turning it on again, get the vacuum and use it to suck out as much dust/ dirt as you can from the vents along the front and the side. You may also want to try doing the same at the disc slot.

    I'm guessing this was purchased through eBay or some other outlet? If so and the description did say it works perfectly you may want to contact the seller about this. he should have at least had the common sense to put soem sort of bag around the PS3 to keep the styrofoam from getting in.
  • Already removed all pieces, seller no help and did ask about packaging and of course no reply about that, he did tell me to invest in a fan as I mentioned the amount of warmth but no codes, really do not want to ship back, thats why I am hoping restore file system will work without totally killing this console in case I have to ship it back at $62. shipping charges, read so many suggestions do not know were to turn, thank you for your quick response you are awesome
  • just learning this site not sure if response to your answer is in correct spot, please check out post ahhhhhh so confused PS2 was so much easier have cleaned my 3 PS2's and cannot remove or damage thier warranty seal, I am excited about getting this PS3 working to play my new PS3 games, yes I should have just purchased a brand new PS3 and am kicking my a** big time Thanks tooold
  • I had something similar happen to me. It was a corrupt data issue. Before you go through the steps I am about to give you I suggest you back up your data. You will loose your game saves if you don't but you will keep your trophies regardless.

    The current version of the ps3 firmware has a