need help immediatly
  • i need help with silent hill the first one. i need help with the piano how do i open in. and how do i open the statue hand.
  • Before examining
    the piano, examine the sheet music on the wall. This is the solution to the
    riddle of which keys to play. When you attempt to play the piano you'll
    notice that some keys work and some don't. The ones that don't are actually
    tied to switches and you have to play them in the proper order. The order is
    explained on the sheet music with the riddle, and the answer is as follows:

    Pelicans are white (corresponds to the colour of the key.) You have a white
    key, then a dove (also white) flies past (further to the right.) You have one
    white key, and one white key to the right of it. A raven (black) is further
    than the dove and the pelican, so you have white, white, black. Another white
    goes somewhere, but it doesn't tell you where. The crow stops immediately,
    meaning far to the left. The order of the birds also matters and must be
    taken into account with the solution. The final answer is you first hit the white key furthest to left, next is furthest right, hit the right hand black key third, the last non-functioning white key fourth and the left side black last.

    Once the proper combination has been input, a SILVER MEDALLION will drop from its position above.

    I'm not quite sure where you mean when you ask about opening the "statue hand".