PS3 Wireless Issue
  • I just bought and set-up new PS3. I am having a problem with the wireless staying connected. I have a Netgear wireless router (WGR614), which has worked admirably for 5 years with various laptops - never any problems.

    However, since bringing the PS3 online, the router is having "fits" and the two keep disconnecting. Most of the time, it is causing the router to stop sending signals (confirmed on my laptop), but sometimes the PS3 just stops talking with the router.

    The wirelesss started with WEP on, but the PS3 would kill the transmission about every 5-10 minutes. I then went to operating the router on open, and that seemed to work for a while - it lasted for about 3 hours. Then, it started disconnecting again, and does so about every 20-40 minutes.

    Has anyone else ever experienced something like this before? Any ideas what might be causing it or how to fix it?

    Thank you!
  • A firmware upgrade to the router may help things out, RedRonin. You may also want to check some settings to make sure you aren't having any IP address conflicts in the router. If one of your laptops is trying to use the same address this would cause the PS3 to be kicked off.
  • I have the latest firmware (I have since 2006 - yes, it's an older router). I have also set a specific IP address for the PS3. The problem has escalated, though.

    The laptop now connects and stays connected without a problem, but the PS3 can only find my router for about the first 30 seconds after resetting it, via unpluging it and then plugging it back in. The PS3 is able to locate my neighbors wireless networks, but it cannot find mine. All the while, my PC is connected with a solid signal.