Error code 8013013E
  • I just bought my own PS3 yesterday and can't wait to get it online but when i reached home and start to get it online i got an error 8013013E.

    I checked on the internet for help by PC but couldn't get one that can solve my problem.

    I already tried the easy way and custom.And i'm trying to connect by wireless.

    My router is Ovislink WL-5424AR.Nothing works for i hope somebody can help me.
  • If you have WPA encryption running on the router you will need to select this when setting up the PS3's connection and be sure to correctly enter in the pass key to allow the PS3 through. Also, if your router is using the allowed devices list you will want to add in the PS3's MAC Address into the MAC Address filter of the router.
  • i already entered the correct password but still not working.i don't think my router has that MAC address filter thingy.i still need help.please.
  • All routers have the Mac Address filter, usually found in the Advanced or Security sections of the router settings. You may want to head to your router manufacturer's site and find the manual for the router, which they will have available for download here.
  • Anyway i already checked the manual.I suppose i should put my pS3 address in PC database but still not working.By the way,to be able to scan SSID or whatever the name of wireless network means that my PS3's wireless ability is working right?So it is problem of router?I just wanna make sure that my ps3 is perfectly fine.

    Already tried using wired connection to router and it's working perfectly.Now my PS3 goin online.