disappearing games
  • whenever i put games into my psp,
    it runs fine(i play the games,no drama)
    but when i exit the game and try to enter another game,
    suddenly it says there are no games.
    doesn't tell me to get some from the playstation store etc.,
    just "there are no games."
    the weird thing is the memory card aknowledges that there are files in the psp,
    but can't read them.
    (aka,i use a 4GB card,and it says 800ish mb available,but no games.)
    is it the memory card or the psp?

    (note : i recently changed the firmware of my psp to a 4.01 M33-2,if that is any help at all.)
  • It is this switch to custom firmware that is causing the problems. If these games are bought from the PlayStation Store your only solution will be to upgrade to the latest official firmware from Sony. If had from 'other sources" you're on your own- we do not support or endorse the use of custom firmware or copied games.
  • Sometimes when I play game on my psp, the psp will suddenly freeze & go off. when I put it on, the games will just disappear. OR Anytime I restart my psp, & put it on the games will suddenly not show.