Silent Hill Series
  • So I am about to go and buy one of the Silent Hills.. I beat 3, and the first one, I haven't played any of the others, but I think I am about to go ahead and get one of these two:

    Silent Hill: Origins
    Silent Hill: Shattered Memories

    The one in red probably going to get

    I was also thinking about Silent Hill 4: The Room


    Which one guys??!

    I mean.. you probably won't respond in time because I am just such a quick buyer, but really.. I wanna know just in case I get the wrong one, so I can hurry up, beat it, and then trade it in for the one you guys recommend ^_^

    I love you guys <3
  • I can not speak for Shattered Memories as I do not have that one yet, but both The Room & Origins are great!

    As far as to which one to get first....just close your eyes and throw a dart as they are both exceptional additions to this great franchise. I will add, however, that Origins, at least to me, brought back a little more of the moodiness and creepiness of the original...but both great games just the same.
  • Wonderful, because that is the one I bought rofl...that and Family Guy as a time waster.