PSN connection issues :(
  • Hey...
    i joined this site because im having difficulty wiv my ps3 wireless connection
    anyway phoned sony they made me go through the whole port forwarding saga... so i did however port 3658 had a "duplicate error" to my knowledge this could mean its already open?
    so anyway all the ports are open i've tried turnin the router on and off but nothing seems to work
    i can obtain my ip address,, connect to the internet but PSN fails... this all started wen i recieved my new royter from AOL... d link 2640r
    please help help help =):(
  • Yes, that error would mean you had that port opened already.

    As for the router, all I can suggest for the moment is to go in, doublecheck the settings and make sure things like the DNS servers, subnet mask, router ip address, etc. match up. You may also want to try setting a reserved IP address for the PS3 in the router and add that to both the PS3's settings and the DMZ of the router.