A playstation 2 question
  • This may not be about playstation network, but I do have a question. My question is this: I am not sure where to get enough, if any information on the playstation 2 game horsez, We recently ordered them online, and are waiting for them to come in, so I am trying to get some information about how many horses you can get, and if the game goes by real time and lastly what do you do throughout the game? I have heard a few things online, but I am not sure so if you could at least try to help, then that would be appreciated. Thank you and God Bless.
  • Being a somewhat niche game there isn't really much information out about Horsez. Here is what little there is from Ubisoft's site (the people that published the game):

    Adopt a cute pony, care for him, and train him.

    In Horsez™, you join a new academy where you need to train your horse to make him into a champion. You get to take care of an adorable foal.

    * Pick your perfect pony from lots of adorable breeds. Learn how to raise, groom and feed him.

    * Turn your young pony into a champion horse at the new academy.

    * Compete in style with lots of cool outfits and riding gear for you and your horse.

    * Compete all over the world in different contests such as cross, jumping, dressage and more.

    Going by that it looks as if you just adopt the one pony and take care of him to eventually become a prize show jumper as well as in other categories.